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We’ve Seen the Rendering: Here are 5 Questions

The Friends of Moynihan Station (MAS is co-chair) released the first rendering of Moynihan East a few days ago, apparently received from the ESDC (although it’s not to be found on the ESDC web site). While it’s a relief to finally see a rendering, it also raises some questions.

1. Does this plan illustrate the 1.1 million s.f. of retail on the Moynihan East block?

2. There seem to be six new buildings in the rendering. Is this all the 4.5 million square feet of development rights? If not, were will the rest go?

3. Has the Hotel Pennsylvania (#17 on our map) been torn down in this plan? What about the other historic buildings like Saint John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church (#38 on our map) or Former Equitable Life Insurance Company Building (#6 on our map). We can’t tell, but it seems that the new buildings are sited on them. Click here to see our map of historic resources in the Moynihan Station area

4. What is the property ownership structure for this plan? Have some privately owned properties been acquired? Click here to see a map on property ownership that we made.

5. Is that a big round kiosk on the corner of 31st Street and Eighth Avenue?

What do you think about these plans? Do you have any questions? When do you think will we get to see the detailed plans?

Meanwhile, today The Observer reports Moynihan Station “seems on the edge of collapse.”


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