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What Does 1.1 Million-Square-Feet of Retail Look Like?


Yesterday, we posted about the Venture’s plans for 1.1 million-square-feet of retail in Moynihan East.

In order to wrap our heads around that number – which is larger than the total square footage of the current Madison Square Garden – we compared it to other major retail centers in the city and created a flickr slideshow (make sure it's set to show captions). Here’s what we discovered:

1.1 million-square-feet of retail is approx.

9 times the size of the retail space at Grand Central Terminal (120,000 sq. ft.)

6 times the size of the retail space at Atlantic Terminal (192,000 sq. ft.)

3 times the size of the retail space at Time Warner Center (350,000 sq. ft.)

Is it possible for any architect to realize an “iconic and distinctive” train hall with “well lit, spacious concourses” if it must be surrounded by the equivalent of 3 Time Warner Center malls? Or 10 Target stores?

Do you have photos of comparable developments? Send them our way and we'll add 'em to the slideshow.

Click here to watch the slideshow. Click "options" and check "show title and description."

way too much

this is way to much! i cant imagine an aesthetically pleasing design that involved that much retail.

Moynihan East Retail

This amount of retail sq ft. seems to fit well with the total foot traffic and development for the area. Retail has to be part of the engine of development. Let it ride.