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More West Side News


Curbed reports that Brookfield Properties has announced plans for the site between the Farley Post Office and Hudson Yards (31st to 33rd Streets and Ninth Ave to the Lincoln Tunnel approach). According to a Bloomberg story, “Brookfield will start constructing a platform over the rails in June, and three acres and 5.4 million square feet of fresh new office and mixed-use develop space will be created. The $600 million project has been dubbed Manhattan West, and the platform is expected to be completed in late 2010. The first tower could be finished by 2013.”

Curbed: “Brookfield Births Manhattan West on Hudson Yards Doorstep

The New York Sun has a story on the push to create a historic district in the area south of Hudson Yards (25th to 28th Streets and Tenth to Twelfth Avenues). A spokesperson from the LPC says a hearing could come in spring. The proposed district contains many significant warehouses including the New York Terminal Warehouse Co.’s Central Stores, the Starrett-Lehigh Building, and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company Warehouse.

”New Push May Hinder West Side Development,” by Peter Kiefer in The New York Sun