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Update: Rendering Reactions


A few noteworthy comments we received on the rendering posted yesterday:

“We might be able to take the renderings a little more seriously if the one on the left didn't only show half of the Farley Building 9th Avenue facade. Obviously whoever drew and/or reviewed it isn't showing excessive sensitivity to the existing context.”

”Exciting. Details are details. Let's get it built.”

”details ARE details, and they are important. "let's get it built" is exactly the gung-ho-development attitude that got the original Penn Station torn down and MSG 4 erected in it's place. Let's not do that again.”

”I mean really, why does MSG need to move? Couldn't we achieve the same amount of train hall space in the gorgeous post office building without having to build a new architecturally dated glass monstrosity? And furthermore sticking an arena dome on top of the post office is going to be a horrendous architectural foul. If they must put MSG in the post office isn't there someway to make the addition blend into the current building?I do not like one single part of this plan."

"One used to enter the city like a god, now one meanders through like a mall shopper.”