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Doctoroff Cleared to Continue Work on Moynihan Station


The Conflict of Interest Board ruled it is ok for former Deputy Mayor and current Bloomberg L.P. president Dan Doctoroff to remain involved in Moynihan Station and other city projects including the redevelopment of Governors Island, PlaNYC, and Queens West.

Interestingly, Doctoroff is restricted in his dealings with Vornado Realty – the co-developer of Moynihan Station - because Bloomberg L.P. is negotiating with it for more commercial space. However, those restrictions do not apply to Moynihan Station:

The opinion issued on Tuesday limits the role he can play in matters involving Vornado Realty, which owns the building housing the Bloomberg L.P. headquarters. The company is negotiating with Vornado for additional space.

The board said that given Mr. Doctoroff’s knowledge, it was best for the city for Mr. Doctoroff to continue his involvement with the Moynihan Station plans. Vornado is a developer of the station project and was one of the companies vying to develop the railyards with whom Mr. Doctoroff met earlier this month. On March 12, Mr. Doctoroff met with the Vornado chairman, Steven Roth, and the M.T.A. selection panel, and last Friday with David Greenbaum, a top Vornado executive.

The opinion advises Mr. Doctoroff to recuse himself from any discussions between Bloomberg L.P. and Vornado for one year from the date of the conclusion of the Moynihan Station negotiations, and from all dealings involving Vornado or Bloomberg L.P. in any of the other projects addressed in the ruling.

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