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NYT Calls for a Moynihan Station Summit Meeting


On Saturday, the New York Times editorial page said reviving Moynihan Station is the toughest job on Governor Paterson’s agenda, but he has a clear opportunity to take charge:

The Dolan family, owners of Madison Square Garden, announced on Thursday that they were pulling out of negotiations and were planning to renovate the arena.

The timing of the announcement suggests that the Dolans are frustrated with the delays. They may well be taking advantage of what they see as confusion or weakness in the governor’s office to bolster their negotiating position. Certainly there is confusion. After the departure of Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his chief administrator on this project, nobody is really in charge of final negotiations on design and funding.

One intriguing option, pushed most recently by Senator Charles Schumer, would be to let the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey take over the project. The Port Authority could fill the leadership vacuum and bring in some of its own finances.

Governor Paterson could show that he is in charge by calling a summit meeting of the big players — Gov. Jon Corzine of New Jersey, Mayor Bloomberg, the Dolans, developers and executives of the Port Authority. This high-level group should hammer out a strategy to move forward on this important civic project before it really is too late.

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