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Paterson Poised to give Moynihan Project to Port Authority -- Chris Ward to head agency.


The Observer is running two stories today suggesting that Governor Paterson is poised to tap Chris Ward as the head of the Port Authority, the agency that he proposes to oversee the development of Moynihan Station. According to Eliot Brown, Christopher O. Ward, currently the managing director of the General Contractors Association of New York (member of the Friends of Moynihan Station), could be appointed Friday afternoon.

According to Em Whitney in “Paterson Sympathizes With the Dolans Over M.S.G. ,” Paterson is moving the project to the Port Authority because that agency “has a better chance of getting it done quickly, and I hope that we can start construction quickly enough that we can reverse plans that exist.” The reversal of “plans” he refers to are MSG’s plans to renovate their current arena instead of constructing a new arena in the Farley Post Office. MSG staying in place prevents the construction of a new Penn Station. According to the article, it seems that the Dolans pulled out of the project because of the pace of development, “I think the Dolans finally got fed up with the delays,” Paterson said.

While it may be a little early to be optimistic, this move could be good news for the Moynihan project. The Port Authority can provide additional funding and has experience in completing large complex transportation projects. We will certainly have more information and analysis of the possibility of PANYNJ taking over the project as it develops.

Read “Gov. Paterson Ready to Tap Chris Ward as Port Authority Director,” by Eliot Brown for The New York Observer
Read “Paterson Sympathizes With the Dolans Over M.S.G.,” by Em Whitney for The New York Observer