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MAS President Vin Cipolla responds to Senator Charles Schumer’s Plan to Advance Moynihan Station


Today Senator Schumer announced a plan to jump start the Moynihan Station project, by using some federal stimulus money to build a train station in the Farley Post Office that would be used by Amtrak. MAS President Vin Cipolla commented on the Senator's plans.

"The Municipal Art Society wholeheartedly supports Senator Schumer’s plan to achieve a new Moynihan Station. By dedicating federal stimulus funds to this project we can create near-term jobs while enhancing our mass transit system for the long term. Federal funding also enables us to protect the public’s interest in this project, creating a grand work of civic architecture that that stands as an inspiring gateway to New York City. This project has a real functional purpose; it will increase capacity and improve the experience for the nearly 500,000 people who move through Penn Station every day.

President Obama has made improving our nation’s public transportation infrastructure a high priority. In that light, Moynihan Station should be seen as a first step in enhancing rail lines and service on the Northeast Corridor."